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HGSO Constitution

Article I: Name, Purpose, and Membership

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the History Graduate Student Organization of the University of Kansas

Section 2. The purpose of the History Graduate Student Organization shall be:
2.1. to act as a non-partisan organization facilitating contact between History graduate students and the faculty and staff of the Department of History, other academic departments, and the administration of the University of Kansas
2.2. to assist in the academic development of History graduate students
2.3. to assist in the social communication of History graduate students

Section 3. Membership
3.1. Membership in this organization shall be open to all graduate students within the Department of History at the University of Kansas
3.2. No person shall, on the grounds of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status, or such other factors that cannot be considered lawfully, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity within this organization.

Article II: Officer Qualifications, Designations, & Duties

Section 1. All officers must be graduate degree-seeking students within the Department of History of the University of Kansas.

Section 2. The Executive Committee officers of this organization shall consist of the following:
2.1. President
2.2. Vice-President
2.3. Secretary
2.4. Treasurer
2.5. Social Chair

Section 3. The graduate members of the Advisory Board and Staff Needs committee shall be appointed by the President and hold full departmental voting status.

Section 4. The role of the Executive Committee:
4.1. Shall be the planning and legislative body
4.2. Shall fulfill the policies enacted by this organization
4.3. Shall have the executive power to initiate programs and activities for all members 

Section 5. Duties of the President
5.1. Shall be to preside at and conduct all meetings
5.2. Shall act as the official host and representative of this organization in campus functions
5.3. Shall be responsible for implementing legislation enacted by this organization
5.4. Shall be responsible, with the consultation of the Executive Council, to see that this constitution is adhered to
5.5. Shall act as a full voting member of the Department of History

Section 6. Duties of the Vice-President
6.1. Shall fulfill the duties of the President as defined in Section 5 during the absence or incapacity of the President
6.2. Shall oversee ad hoc or special committees as created by the Executive Committee
6.3. Shall serve as the HGSO representative on the Graduate Student Advisory Board (GSAB) 
6.4. Shall act as a full voting member of the Department of history 

Section 7. Duties of the Secretary
7.1. Shall be responsible for maintaining accurate minutes of all meetings
7.2. Shall be responsible for correspondence to other organizations and individuals
7.3. Shall be responsible for communicating decisions and events of this organization to its members
7.4. Shall act as a full voting member of the Department of History

Section 8. Duties of the Treasurer
8.1. Shall keep a record of the finances of this organization
8.2. Shall be responsible for the distribution of funds required for the implementation of events and decisions passed by this organization
8.3. Shall manage and distribute funds designated for additions to the Media Library
8.4. Shall act as a full voting member of the Department of History

Section 9. Duties of the Social Chair
9.1. Shall be responsible for initiating and planning social functions for the entirety of the HGSO membership
9.2. Shall be responsible for communicating social events of this organization to its members 
9.3. Shall act as a full voting member of the Department of History
9.4. Shall act as contact point for incoming graduate students in the History Department
       Duties include:

  • Reach out to new students in May to provide them with a point of contact in the graduate community. 
  • Provide information to new students about life in Lawrence. This includes, but is not limited to: housing options, restaurant and grocery store information, and recreational activities around town.
  • When a new student has a shared advisor with a current graduate student, the Social Chair should attempt to make this connection by providing both students with each other’s contact information.

Article III: Election Rules & Regulations

Section 1. Elections shall be held on an annual basis, taking place each April at a time to be determined by the Executive Committee
1.1. Elected officers shall serve for one year
1.2. There shall be no limit to the number of terms served by each officer

Section 2. For the week prior to the holding of elections, nominations shall be accepted for officer positions. All members of this organization shall be eligible, and nominations must be submitted in writing to a current member of the Executive Committee. Self-nominations shall be accepted. Members are not eligible for candidacy in more than one position. Any member nominated for multiple positions shall be consulted by the Executive Committee prior to elections in order to determine their preference for a particular position.

Section 3. Elections shall be held over a two day period at a date set by the Executive Committee. One ballot shall be distributed by the Secretary to each member, and must be returned by the close of the Department of History on the second day of voting in order to be counted. Those nominated members receiving the most votes for a specific position shall be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the winner shall be determined by the flip of a coin, preferably a quarter.

Article IV: Removal & Succession

Section 1. Removal
1.1. Excessive violation of or disregard for the constitution of this organization and/or dereliction of duty shall be grounds for removal proceedings against any of the elected officers
1.2. The general membership shall vote on the removal resolution
1.3. Removal shall be accomplished by a 2/3 majority of all members present for removal proceedings
1.4. Removal proceedings may be initiated by any voting member of the organization

Section 2. Succession
2.1. In the event of removal, resignation, or vacancy of any elected officer, their responsibilities shall be fulfilled by another member of the executive committee, with the Vice-President accepting executive duties in the case of presidential removal, until a special election may be held to fill that position

Article V: Committees & Appointments

Section 1. Graduate Representatives
1.1. This organization shall have the power to determine graduate representatives on departmental committees
1.2. A call for volunteers to serve as such representatives shall be issued when necessary, but in conjunction with officer elections as defined in Article III if possible. Review of volunteers and determination of appointees shall be reserved to the Executive Committee

Article VI: Amendments

Section 1. Any amendment to this constitution must be approved by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.

Article VI: Ratification

Section 1. A simple majority of votes cast by members of this organization shall be sufficient for the ratification and implementation of this Constitution.




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